Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yanks Eyeing Top Sore-Armed Pitchers for Upcoming Draft

It's almost time for the 2008 Major League Baseball draft, when the Yankees scour the land for the most frayed elbow available.

Our heroes -- who still await a pitch from 2007's first-round steal, Andrew Brackman -- will look hard for the top candidate to immediately go under the knife.

Two years ago, we congratulated ourselves on the early selection of college closer Mark Melancon, who promptly underwent TJ surgery.

Then we traded Gary Sheffield for Humberto Sanchez, who followed suit.

Of course, they joined JB Cox, Christian Garcia, and a host of other supposedly can't-miss prospects, all of whom have gone under the knife. And this came in the era when we signed Jon Lieber and Octavio Dotel, mostly so we rehab them to resume careers that were never the same before their injuries.

Meanwhile, we congratulate ourselves. "Look, everybody! We drafted a guy who would have been a top pick, one the top four, if not for the fact that he'll undergo surgery, miss the next 20 months and maybe never be the same."

OK, fine. What's done is done.

Melancon and Cox might pitch for us this year. Who knows about Brackman? Every young pitcher is a roll of the dice. Every pitcher is a Pavano waiting to happen.

But next week, please please pleeeeeeeze.... draft a guy who isn't hurt.

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