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Monday, April 5, 2010

The roots of John's Curtis call: "Something sweet, Something sort of grandish, Sweeps my soul, When thou art near, My heart feels so sugar candish, My head feels so ginger beer."

I almost hope Granderson never hits another home run as a Yankee. We gave up "Johnny on the Spot" and "An upper-decki from Hideki" for an obscure reference to a 1947 Broadway musical, Finnian's Rainbow. This is the most disappointing anticipated-quote since Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. There must have been a thousand suggestions left on the 10,000 Yankee blogs, and this sure wasn't one of them.

From Sterling's Rainbow


Is it a warmish, kind of glowish, kind of peculiarish sensation?

Oh no, it's sort of a shimmerish kind of quimmerish, flibbery-
gibberish sensation.

PETULA: Does it make you feel humming birds in your heart?

TOMMY: Butterflies in me feet

PETULA: And bees in your bonnet

TOMMY: Stars in me britches

PETULA: Does it make you want to dance?

TOMMY: I hadn't noticed

PETULA: And sing?

TOMMY: Oh, it does, it does....

Something sweet
Something sort of grandish
Sweeps my soul
When thou art near
My heart feels so sugar candish
My head feels so ginger beer

This is the worst thing that ever happened.


Unknown said...

Illiterate Uncultured Ingrates.

dadlak said...

All the good calls had already been suggested and John still wanted to be original. Or maybe John's feelings for Suzyn had something to do with it.

She-Fan said...

Maybe Granderson can take John aside tomorrow and say, "Look, I hate show tunes, so cut it out."

dadlak said...

I had another thought. Is "sort of grandish" damning with faint praise?