Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Boone'. Post Game Presser

 This is mostly from memory, and blurred a wee bit, by the haze of Gentleman jack and Stout chasers.

"  Aaron, what did you see in Kluber's outing that you liked? "

Response;  "what are you, a wise ass?  Okay he had two or three pitch sequences that I thought were pretty good.  And he maintained his stoicism."

" Aaron, is it true that this is the team's first " walk off " loss of this young season. " 

Response:  I believe it is but, as you know, it is a long season.

Aaron: " how do you feel the new face of the infield is looking?

Response:  "Do you mean with DJ at third, Urshela at shortstop and Bruce at first?  Or are you referring to our new anchor at second base?"

Yes sir, I refer to the new guy hitting .133 and in a slump.  

Response:  " what is his jersey number?  I don't know...ask Cashman , for Christ's sake. 

" do you believe your line-up is on the way back now with Judge hitting two homeruns?"  

Response:  " Yes.  They will hit.  They will certainly hit. I just wish we could get someone on base.  Those fucking solo home runs are for statistics.  We can't win games with solo home runs.  Although we can lose them that way."

Thanks Aaron.  German on Friday?


HoraceClarke66 said...

The hitting may come around. There is no way the pitching can last the season.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I woke up last night after my recurring dream that Dolan bought the Yankees, except this time it was not a nightmare.
Think about it. Right now would you want to be a diehard, season ticket, heavy merchandise fan of the Yankees or the Rangers or the Knicks?
Wow, just WOW. I will be a good boy for the rest of my life, because now I know that Hell is an endless loop of Bruce, Odor, Torres DJ at 3B, Hicks working a count and Boonie explaining his views from the dugout.
The Archangel

Celerino Sanchez said...

Is Bartolo Colon available? How about Sergio Mitre? Where's David Hale when you need him?