Wednesday, April 7, 2021

How Is This Year Like All the Other Years?

 (From HoraceClarke66.)

Sigh. And I thought that over/under of 6 was really in jeopardy. Oh, well...


HoraceClarke66 said...

Wonderful moment just now, in which Sancho—apparently shocked at having drawn a walk—jogged to second so slow on an Urshela single (with two out) that he was almost thrown out by the right fielder.

I don't mean the right fielder playing in as some sort of shift. He almost threw him out on a regular single to right.

Uh, Gary? Maybe the ball somehow skips past the outfielder. Maybe the throw is errant, and gets away. Maybe you can try RUNNING the 90 feet you're required to, just in the faint hope that something happens.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Standing O for Bushmill Taliesen, leaving behind, after 4 2/3 innings.

I kid, I kid.

Taillon has gone through hell in his life, never mind his baseball career. TWO Tommy Johns, hit in the head by a batted ball, hernia surgery. And testicular cancer. He deserved the ovation, and he's genuinely someone to root for.

Is he someone who can actually give us an entire season? Who can say. But this was a nice start back tonight.

Leinstery said...

9 hits, 1 run. Typical of this team.

BernBabyBern said...

Hicks swings through ball four. Shocker.

Why -- on a 2-strike pitch with a runner on base in a 1-run game -- is Hicks swinging so hard that he loses his balance? Just. Make. Contact.

BernBabyBern said...

... aaaaaaand Ice Cream Sandwich doesn't run out of the box.

Leinstery said...

Torres is just brutal. Trade him to Philly for Didi

HoraceClarke66 said...

Brutal loss. Which is par for the course in April. Gio smashes a ball the third baseman makes a great stab on. And once again, our boys are victimized by this ridiculous new extra-inning rule.

But...some of the fundamentals are more worrisome.

Gary now adds, "I can't always remember to run" to his long series of noisome brain farts? Great.

Didi—granted that his novice first baseman didn't help—makes a play like that in a key moment? Is he next in the Steve Sax/Chuck Knoblauch line?

The beauty play tonight was Tuchman's mad run, and Gardner guiding him in like a signalman on an aircraft carrier. Great to see genuine pros and guys who are battling to stay in the game, hustle and think.

Too bad the other millionaires couldn't maintain their concentration for an entire evening.

Celerino Sanchez said...

Judge is hurt? My goodness the Iron Horse is down!