Thursday, April 1, 2021

Perfect Opening Day

 For those who cannot comprehend the above photo, it represents a mess.

The Yankees, as predicted would get a fine, though not brilliant, outing from Cole.  

The Yankee offense would strike out 13 times.  

The Yankee offense would put up the usual two runs.  

Yankee relievers would do okay, but not brilliantly.

Nick Nelson would earn the loss.

Judge would hit a ball with 108 mph exit velocity........ for a double play, ending the inning, leaving the bases loaded.  

We get a day off to sleep on it.

Boone found some positives in the day. 

Hope we play the Orioles real soon.  


HoraceClarke66 said...

I had to leave with it tied at 2 after 6.

Good times!

Anonymous said...

A seemingly minor point that is actually quite significant: why oh why would Boone pinch-run Gardner for Frazier in the ninth inning? It's not like Frazier is a slow runner--he's nearly as fast as Gardner, and if the game goes into extra innings, you would surely prefer to have Frazier's bat in the lineup. Clint had a good game--2 for 3 with a walk--and he gets rewarded by getting yanked for no good reason in a key situation. This is how it's going to be all year with Frazier--skating on thin ice because of Boone's and Cashman's ineptitude and insecurities about young players and their misplaced crushes on over-the-hill veterans. This totally sucks, and is a harbinger of similar fuckups to come.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Worse than the game was THE GAME.

Nobody hits, unless they hit towering home runs. "Aces" pitch 51/3. Everybody strikes out a lot.

MLB still can't figure out why this isn't appealing.

13bit said...

Hal and Brian's Yankees

The "No Accountability" management team

The out-to-lunch owner who makes his money either way.

Matt P. said...

This was a complete waste of time, and yet I am left wondering how frequent this will be. 0-9 with RISP. Judge and LMH did EXACTLY the worst thing they could do (even striking out was better) in those two pressure at bats. Within 3 hours and 60 outs recorded there was exactly 1 at bat and maybe 20 seconds of fun.

Is it too late to bring back the 60 game season?

Mustang said...

Game-winning RBI: Rob Manfred

Unsustainable BABIP said...

Good to see the team is practically in mid-season form (I say practically because I don’t think anyone got injured - so clearly they haven’t peaked yet).

Anonymous said...

Just an aside but, wasn't the Twins and Brewers game fun?
The Archangel

Celerino Sanchez said...

Watching Torres play shortstop makes me long for the days of Jim Mason

Anonymous said...


I saw the end of that. What was the pitcher thinking? Throw to first to get the second out! Instead it ends up being first and second, tying run at the plate, their best hitter up. Wow was that dumb.


Anonymous said...

Jim Mason, Oh Lord. The first Yankee game which I saw live was in the early 70's when we made a college trip from Lemoyne to NYC and the Yanks were playing in Shea. I can't remember who they played, but the first play was a ground ball to Jim Mason and he threw it away. The second batted ball was to Graig Nettles who had a E also. I remember nothing else about the game because the passage of time has eroded almost all of my most painful memories. The Yanks did lose.
I guess it prepared me for all of life's disappointments
The Archangel

JM said...

I didn't watch the last inning, but this is just another piece of evidence for me in hating and despising this bullshit "man on second" start to extra innings.

What the fuck is that? That's not baseball. Extra innings are great because they're extra innings. Not with each inning being born on second base before they even start.

Fuck MLB.

Alphonso said...

At the present time, any ball thrown to first base, for any reason, is a high risk proposition.