Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forbes: Yank logo is the Tiffany's, the Alpo, the Acapulco Gold, of world sports swag

We are the Cadillac, the Anchor Steam Beer, the Pamela Anderson model breast implants, of modern pro athletic franchises. Our interlocking "NY" sets the standard for all overpriced logoed crapola, says Forbes, via the official Yankee government news agency, Yes:

The Yankees swapped spots with Manchester United, which fell to second on the list, just ahead of Real Madrid. In fact, five of the top seven franchises on Forbes' list were European soccer teams. The only other baseball teams to crack the top 10 were the Yankees' chief rivals: The Red Sox placed eighth, followed immediately by the Mets.

Hoist the flag high, Yankiverse. Our rightfielder may be Ramiro Pena. But that logo on his forehead is Orville Redenbacher.

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