Monday, May 24, 2010

Yankee's 2010 Season Revealed

Can you see Ken Phellps' head as he takes first tentative steps of re-hab?

Can you imagine this Yankee line-up with yet another guy hitting in the low .200's? And hitting .043 against lefties?

I can see Nick Johnson snoozing between dead end number 14 and the really high "T shaped" hedge in the upper left corner.

Tex and A-Rod are no where to be found, though A-Rod is putting oil on some movie starlet somewhere, I'm certain.

Mo is looking down from the bridge, wondering when he'll get his next save. Wondering, perhaps, if his drop in velocity is permanent.

Joba is trying to find his way to that bar in Nebraska. Derek is trying to find another step to his left.

Jorge is on crutches over near the exit from the maze.

All the guys from Scranton are hiding, hoping to still be in the maze when visitor's day ends.

Cashman is on the far bridge looking at this tangled web he has woven.

Doesn't last season seem like a decade ago?

Next year, we'll have to buy about 15 free agents to even stay in third place.

I hope we aren't there yet, but don't we all know that when Jorge, Mo, Derek and Andy are done, so are we? For at least a decade.

Because: the Yankees have no prospects in the minor leagues. None. Nada. Zero.


Donald Sutherland said...

Trade Posada and Joba.

el duque said...

Write this down: Ivan Nova will win 20 someday.

Joe De Pastry said...

Hard to believe that only a week ago we celebrated that dramatic win against Paperbone and the red sux.
The past six games have been as dreary and depressing as any in a long time; the highlight was Russo's big hit, but we needed Cora's error to set that up.
Gardner's bubble has burst; Cervelli's will be next. Cervelli seems like a great kid, but celebating his taken the position played by Dickey, Berra, Howard, and Munson doesn't work for me. Those guys hit more homers in a month than Cervelli would hit if he played all 162 games, and his average will be down to .260 by August.
But Texeira is the one really killing us; those "Texecutioner" shirts don't seem so cool anymore.