Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get Ready For More Ugly

Many of you may recall ( or choose not to ) that I forecast, at best, a .500 week to ten days, following the last debacle with the Twins.

This Yankee pod did not come close, limping out of Citifield with their heads hung low and playing like a group of broken down softball players in a bar league. If we hadn't come back against Boston, after blowing a huge lead, our winning percentage for the last 10 days would have been about .100.

Even phenom Brett Gardner began to show some flaws, as he hit basically nothing in the 2 hole against most everyone. I won't mention Tex's contribution to the offense. Nor A-Rod.

I think the team is counting too much already on the unlikely return of Ken Phellps.

Randy Winn just can't play in the outfield, and he is much better than his injured replacement, Marcus Thames. If Jesus figures out a way to hit at the AAA level, maybe we can find another spot for a guy who can't play defense.

For 3-4 hours tonight, we have to worry about Twins.


Joe De Pastry said...

Tex actually leads in All-Star votes for first base. All true fans should vote 25 times each for Morneau to prevent this injustice. And so that Tex can spend the break with Kevin Long instead of wasting his time at an exhibition game.
Randy Winn actually was rated one of the best outfielders in baseball last year according to USSR or whatever they call it. So much for defensive stats. No wonder Seattle is so awful.

7 said...

But Target Field is so pretty!