Monday, May 10, 2010

The Reality; We Traded Austin Jackson for Marcus Thames

I know, some actuary in the crowd is going to

say, " That's not true! We got Curtis Granderson.....although we also gave up several other young prospects to get him."

But the reality is; yesterday, we had 35 year old Marcus Thames patrolling the outfield where Gardner should be ( left ) and Gardner playing where AJ should be ( center ). I am assuming, of course, no Granderson, because there is no Granderson.

Therefore, Marcus, who again played ally oops with a critical third out fly ball early in the
game ( whilst we were still in it), is playing in an outfield where AJ should be playing.

And since Grandy ( who was hammering AL pitchers to the tune of .224 ) will be out most of this year with assorted leg and groin ailments ( think 2009 Jose Reyes, folks ), we got Marcus, and Detroit has the best position prospect we have had in this organization since Derek, Jorge and Bernie.

I just can't accept the stupidity of this move. This trade showed the same foresight and core understanding of consequences that were displayed in the decision of our country's leaders to invade a foreign country half a world away, without a valid reason and without an exit strategy.
Anyone looking could see that such decisions would result in a frivolous waste of our most valuable resources and, likely, accomplish nothing in the long term.

Cashman has done the same in this trade for Granderson, though the consequences pale by comparison. Nonetheless, the identical principles of stupidity and lack of vision apply.

I mean, it was from Cashman's very mouth not long ago that we heard of his commitment not to trade away Yankee prospects, because our system was basically denuded of same, and we were consistently not getting a fair return for the trade deals into which the Yankees entered. Why can't anyone in a position of power these days, honor their own words?

I know, there are those who don't wish to face the truth and will reply, " But AJ is only hitting singles." For those who believe this temporary situation is meaningful, please research the batting history of Kirby Puckett.

He did not start hitting with power until his 2nd or 3rd year with the Twins. Now in the Hall of Fame, Kirby was criticized early for hitting well but with few HRs. In my opinion, AJ will be hitting 25+ before Granderson is fully healthy again.

When you look at the line-up tonight you'll see the likely rookie of the year in CF for them, and Marcus on the bench for us ( I can only hope the Yankees play Randy Winn...who, while just as aged as Marcus, can at least catch the ball).

This betrayal of Cashman's will haunt us for ever.


Bye Bye Balboni said...

Now now, don't exaggerate. It will only haunt us for the next 10-15 years.

el duque said...

The best trades Cashman makes are the ones he doesn't do.

(Phil Hughes for Santana.)