Saturday, May 15, 2010

Take THAT, doubters: John hits 7.37 seconds on Twins WinWarble

Like A-Rod, The Master came through in the clutch Friday night with a towering 7.37 second Sterl Hurl, captured for particle analyis on the Hadron Super-Warble-Tron. Check out the overpowering depth of the "Thuh." That's one fine piece of "Thuh"ing.

Was he toying with us, laughing at us, holding back-- during his recent slump? Or was he being a good sport, recognizing the sorry state of the Redsocks lineup and the Detroit economy? (Nobody likes a smart-alec king of the liberal New York elite sashaying into town, singing old show tunes and warbling 7.00 -- certainly not after the death of Ernie Harwell.

Whatever. John silenced the doubters last night with a stunning, tape-measure warble, thuh longest of the season.

Is it thinkable that he'll break thuh all-time record (8.02 seconds?)  Does he have a new one in him?


Driven By Sheep said...

does he have a home run call for "Gardy" yet? it should be like IT IS HIGH IT IS FAR IT ISSSS GONE! GARDNER - HE PULLS THE WEEDS!

An Estimated Prophet. said...

His A-Rod grand slam call was an instant classic. So intense. Any chance you'll be posting it?

Rufus T. Firefly said...

John mailed in his warble today.

I see a stint on the DL in his future. There must be an unreported larynx injury.

Brian said...

Excellent bounceback warble.

Joe De Pastry said...

if he came up with a call for gardner he'd forget what it was before he got to usr it again