Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yanks Drop Load on Selves

Sergio Mitre did what was asked of him. He went 6 innings and gave up only one run to the dangerous Twin line-up.

David Robertson was lucky, but the scorecard for him will show 2 innings and no runs.

Joba was useless.

Mo had his worst day since Boston, 2004.

And what is Tex thinking? With Gardner on first, a 3-1 lead and two outs in the bottom of the 7th, he swings at the first pitch and pops out to left. Don't you have to give Gardner a chance to steal in that situation?

The Yankees are not playing smart baseball.

Here is the good news: we won the series 2 games to 1; the stupid obsession with the Twins losing streak at the stadium is over; we are still in the run for a wild card.

The bad news: Cano is cooling off; the team just
can't win with its "B" team out there; we aren't playing smart; no one in the bullpen could throw strikes today.

I predict Nick Johnson will have surgery this season, and miss most of the rest of the year.

I predict we'll draft another candidate for arm surgery in June.

I predict that Andy Brackman will be a wall-paper hanger within 4 years.


Lenny Neslin said...
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lenNY's Yankees said...

Nice confidence in your team. It's currently the top of the ninth inning of this game.

JohnF said...

Cano is cooling off? That's putting it mildly. Every time the guy has a hot streak we hear about how he could win a batting title or an MVP some day. Then he reverts to bad Cano, swings at too many first pitches, and falls off the map for two months. Coming up in the bottom of the 8th, Yanks desperately need baserunners, and Mr. The Next Rod Carew swings at the first pitch. Fantastic baseball play there.
And I can't watch too many more games where Jeter grounds out weakly to second every time up.
That "B" lineup is more like a "D-."

Driven By Sheep said...

Did anyone else hear Sterling jinx the team? it was like the 5th inning and he was like "yknow, Joba and Mariano are going to give up some dingers- they aren't perfect"

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Joe De Pastry said...

Mitre went only 5; that was probably the best we'll see from him before we dump him.

Every time Joba comes into a game I get nauseous.

Re Tex: if he sees a pitch he thinks he can crush I want him swinging; stolen bases are overrated.

About Johnson: if he's out for the season is that in your bad news or good news column?