Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Better late than never: Javy Vazquez finally comes in to get the K

Last night, Javy walked in, struck out Youkilis, and we won the game.

OK, everybody, Alternative Universe time:

It's Oct. 20, 2004, game seven, top of the second. Kevin Brown -- the Yankee Clown -- gave up 2 in the first, and he's loaded the bases with one out. Here comes Javy -- pitching to You-Know-Who: Johnny Damon (nowadays replaced by "Marcus Thames;" now there's an interesting switch from last night, eh?)

Instead of giving up the Damon grand slam, Vazquez offers last night's strike out. (OK, in a cosmic trade situation, that means last night he gave up a 3-run homer to Youk.)

At this point, everything progresses, just as it did...

Mark Bellhorn, walks, forcing in a run. Manny pops out. Score 3-0.

In the fourth, Vazquez gives up a 2-run HR, then is yanked. We're down 5-1.

Final score: 7-3. We lose.

Conclusion: Javy... you're not off the hook yet.

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Joe De Pastry said...

Vazquez gets a win against the Red Sux + Thames hits a walk-off homer against Paperbone = Cashman is a genius.