Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Yankee Team Is going Nowhere

A few obvious remarks:

1. Hughes is not winning many more games this year. He has had his run of quality outings. Now, he just sucks like everyone else.

2. Brett Gardner, over-achiever that he has been, is not going to get the clutch hit that brings the Yankees back from the brink. That chopper to third just won't cut it when we need two runs or three driven in.

3. A-Rod is back in one of those non-productive funks because he is always worried he might call Kate, Cameron, or vice versa. He is becoming non clutch again.

4. The Yankee "B" team has ( mostly) never won and it won't win.

5. Winn is a joke in the outfield. So why is he playing? Hard to believe, but Thames is worse. Luckily, he is injured.

6. Tomorrow, we learn that Santana is better than Sabathia. Duh.

7. Has this team ever come back from behind to win?

This is a really ugly team with little character and no heart.


JohnF said...

Derek Jeter's OPS is below .700 and he's batting leadoff. This is the biggest problem facing the Yankees right now. The Captain just does nothing but make outs, and he's doing it more than anyone else in the league. This is his walk year. I know it sounds sacrilegious to say, but if he doesn't hit his way out of this slump --and soon-- the Yanks would be nuts to sign him to a long-term deal. But you know they will. They want him to be a Yankee for life and to get his 3000 hits in a Yankee uniform. Hell, I want that too. But not playing like this. For God's sake, Juan Uribe is having a better year than Jeter.

Driven By Sheep said...

has this team ever come from behind to win? um... yeah last monday. against the red sox. you guys freak out a little too much- sure, there are major problems with the line up and the bullpen... but remember, this time last year (even though they ended up with the best record in baseball) they dropped 2 out of 3 to the NATIONALS.

BernBabyBern said...

Of course we freak out to much ... that's what we do. It's our entertainment. It soothes us. It comforts us. If we couldn't freak out, well .... we'd freak out.

Or something like that.

David Ballela said...

The Party's Over

The ball games over
It's time to call it a day
The Mets burst our balloon
And taken our pride away
It's time to wind up the masquerade
Just make your mind up father time must be paid
The party's over
Jete flickers and dims
Can't go to his left or his right
Tex's balls don't take off in flight or have any vim
Now you must wake up, all dreams must end
Take off your jock strap, the party's over
It's all over, my friend

Alphonso said...

Wasn't the come back against the Sox after we coughed up a 5 or six run lead?

That isn't a come back. That's a panic.