Friday, May 21, 2010

Ten Fears that Haunt the Marrow of Our Souls

1. One of these days, Brett Gardner will return to earth. He's good, solid -- but he's not a .330 hitter.

2. It's rare for Mariano blow two catastrophic saves in a row. And Joba has become predictably erratic.

3. Mark Teixiera seems genuinely spooked by defensive overshifts. Also, when a all-fields slugger suddenly becomes a dead-pull hitter, something's wrong. Last night, he just kept trying to drill the ball through the right side, and it's never going to work.

4. Every month, a new story flares between Arod and that Canadian doctor being probed for body-boosters. It's insane to think that, after his 2009 public confession, Arod would have dared use enhancers again. Is he channeling Tiger Woods?

5. Jorge out a month. Can Cervelli handle an everyday grind? He won't hit .400. What if he gets nicked? For two years now, we've been constantly told how our farm system is loaded at catcher. Chad Moeller? And then who?

6. Jeter looks old. He's not hitting. He'll break out, of course, but this could be an off-year. Let's face it: At his age, are they called "off-years?"

7. In his spring fling, Granderson showed little ability to hit lefties. Cashman's Nick Johnson acquisition is now a certifiable Cat-5 fiasco. We still don't know what we have in Granderson. But the lefty thing is distressing.

8. Tampa is real. Tampa is a team of hungry, seasoned, cocky players in their primes. They could win the division by 10 games. We may be battling for the Wild Card, while having to face Tampa, Boston and Toronto 16 times each. That, folks, is how Seattle makes the post-season.

9. Aside from Austin Romine, who won't contribute this year, none of our high ceiling prospects is breaking out. Jesus hasn't had a prayer at Scranton. Andrew Brackman looks a total bust. Slade Heathcott didn't make it to Charleston. Bradley Suttle is on track to reach the majors by age 29.  

10. Big names will go on the block a month from now. Cashman will feel pressure to snag somebody. How much more can our depleted system lose?

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Kenny Phelps said...

Should I be surprised, that even though there is proof that 9 nfl players were given HGH by this doctor, that the press is stop harping on the Arod angle?