Thursday, May 20, 2010

Return of the Moell Man? 10 Fun Facts about Chad Moeller to celebrate his impending return!

1. Chad is cousin with former MLB firstbaseman Chris Cron!

2. Chad was originally drafted by the Yankees, but he didn't sign!

3. Along with the Yankees, Chad has played for the Twins, Diamondbacks, Orioles, Brewers, Nationals, Dodgers and Reds!

4. In 2004, Chad became the first Milwaukee Brewer EVER to hit for the cycle at home!

5. In August of 2007, the Reds traded Chad to the Dodgers for "cash considerations!"

6. In 2008, the Yankees obtained Chad, released him, re-obtained him, dropped him, and then brought him back again!

7. Chad's last name is a homimym!

8. Chad's hominidal namesake -- the molar -- is considered the most complicated tooth in mammals. Adult mammals have 12 molars in groups of three in the back of the mouth. They are used for grinding food!

9. Human molars are known as the "maxillary first molars," "maxillary second molars," and "maxillary third molars." Considering that his is Chad's second year with the Yankees, he could be nicknamed "the maxillary second Moeller!"

10. Archbishop Moeller High School in Cinncinati has one of the nation's strongest athletic programs! Thus, John Sterling's signature home run call for Chad could be: "The Archbishop sure touched that ball!"


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Anonymous said...

When did the Yankees acquire him for the 40972th time?