Friday, May 14, 2010

Can Someone Tell Us What Is Wrong With A-Rod?

I know.

There are two high-profile, blond actresses currently battling for his thing.

Nothing new for A-Rod. He has had power before when dating several women simultaneously. He even showed power when married and dating several woman.

But he has no power now. What does he have so far, two HRs? Three? Brett Gardner is pushing him on HRs for Kate's sake.

So I think he is injured. He can't go on the DL because then Ramiro Pena would play third and, though I love his glove, he can't hit a low hanging apple with a tennis racket.

It is worth noting , I suppose, that Ramiro did have a routine ground ball go right through his legs the other day, whilst he was playing for Derek. I could not believe it.

But something is wrong with A-Rod, and we need to know what it is.


JohnF said...

Maybe he was just doing his best Jeter impression with letting an easy ball get by him?

Anonymous said...

Forget A-Rod, wtf is the "Love Weed"?

Anonymous said...

He got off the HGH due to the possible new test for it and recent allegations

el duque said...

Cameron Diaz. She's peaked with "Mary," downhill ever since, and she's taking Alex with her.

Mustang said...

OH! GRAND SALAMI! An A-BOMB from A-ROD! And the Yankees take the lead 7-4!

Mustang said...

This post exemplifies Alphonso's flawless Reverse-Mojo. It CAUSED A-Rod's grand slam.