Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jesus benched

That skipper in Scranton is certainly a conscious pilot.


Alphonso the Pius said...

I said it first.

Jesus is another total phony. He has been a phony since he first appeared on the scene, and he always will be.

Most of the "fantastic" stories about his abilities are made up. There is no documentation whatsoever to support any of the claims about " his track record," which is the so-called basis for his many fans.

In summary, he is an over-hyped idea more than a real player, with much too large a head for a catcher,

The only reason he is held in any high regard whatsoever, is due to the Herculean efforts of the Yankee PR machine.

When will we stop believing these fanciful tales about "can't miss" prospects, and begin to follow players who can actually contribute something to the game?

Th bloom is coming off the rose.

This guy will soon by catching bass on the Fishing Network. Adios Jesus.

el duque said...

That's a fine piece of neg juju. If he turns out to make it, he owes you.