Thursday, May 20, 2010

May is the cruelest month

From our 2008 flashback.... Because those who cannot remember history... are Met fans.


We have no speed; our pitchers stink.
Opposing lineups run amok.
How far can Damon’s numbers shrink?
It's only May, but hey...
... We suck.

A-Rod is hurt; Posada’s worse.
Phil Hughes is gone, the outlook bleak.
Our clubhouse needs a fulltime nurse.
It's only May, but hey...
... We reek.

Where’s Tino? Bernie? Old Mike Stanton?
And David Cone, we couldn’t fail.
Right now, Igawa’s stuck in Scranton,
And Jimmy Leyritz...
... Facing jail.

Our best defender is Cabrera.
Abreu’s lame; Giambi’s slow.
Molina? He’s no Yogi Berra.
I know it’s May, but hey...
... We blow.

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