Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ken Phellps' Re-Hab Not Progressing

Our recently acquired outfielder, the centerpiece of Cashman's off-season restocking of this championship team, is progressing about as well as the capping of that oil well in the gulf.

Actually, no one has heard from Kenny or his medical staff. The Yankees are not even sure where he is.

They just know that Austin Jackson is rookie of the month for April, and now working on May. For those of you who haven't noticed, AJ is playing for Detroit, to whom we lost, yesterday, with our "B" team, 5-4.

Our man, Kenny, has mobility problems and may miss most of the year. We are hoping he can get some work in an "A" level game, sometime before the all star break. His offensive contribution ( was hitting .224 when he pulled up lame ), will undoubtedly suffer, and require the equivalent of a full spring training, to get back to that level.

Although Kenny is much older than Austin Jackson, the Yankees believe his experience playing for a loser will win out in the long run.

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Joe De Pastry said...

Ironic that we surrendered the aged and injury prone Damon and Matsui, and now their replacements are going to be on the DL for most of the season.
And updating one of my pet peeves with Cashman:
Tyler the ex-Yankee Clippard is now 6-0 for Washington with an ERA of 0.76.
{We got Albaladude for him.}