Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jesus Will Have To Learn A New Position

Finally, some of the people who count are acknowledging that Cervelli may actually be a prospect.

Therefore, the issue of Jesus arises. For centuries now ( or so it seems ), Jesus has been regarded as the top prospect in the Yankee system.

He has always been described as a " can't miss " hitter, although the compliments run a lot less enthusiastic when it comes to his abilities as a catcher ( the position he has trained his entire life to play).

With Cervelli establishing himself as a fixture with this Yankee team, and his youth ( 24 ) well more of an asset than the other 2000 year old catcher prospect, the question arises;

" What can the Yankees do with Jesus?"

Can anyone really see him playing another position for the Yankees?

First base, for example? I think Tex will be here about 20 years, based upon his contract.

Perhaps Jesus could replace Ken Phellps in center, and become the league's first 6'8" 245 pound center fielder. Derek is getting older, how about grooming him for SS?

The truth is, unless we are grooming him as a DH ( currently hitting about .230 in Scranton) or we learn that he can pitch, it is time to deal him. Soon enough, everyone will figure out that this " top yankee prospect" isn't such a hot prospect after all, and we won't get a bag of sheep dung for him.

Let me say this again; " The cold, hard truth is that the Yankees don't have any top prospects anymore. "

Not until the June draft ( I think Andy brown may be back trying to graduate from high school, so he might be eligible for us to draft him again ).

What horror will we commit this time around ?

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Pontius said...

Agreed. Trade him. Frankie is the future. And package Jorge in the deal.