Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A .500 Team

We are going to need our starters to go longer and give up fewer runs.

We are going to need Ivan back, and he will have to prove a miracle.

Joba and Dave Robertson better find the strike zone fast.

Losing Ace Aceves was the worst loss so far for this team. He could throw strikes and get people out.

No one else is able to do that.

I told you Boone would prove a waste and I don't know if he even pitched last night.

If we can split all the games between now and the end of the weekend, we can play .500 ball from the Twin and Tiger series' through the end of the Mets' series.

I don't think we can.


Bye Bye Balboni said...

BRING ME THE HEAD OF RANDY WINN. Seriously, this guy can't hit MY fastball. What are they doing letting him bat against JonPap?

Swishalicious said...

It's not his fault they let him hit against Papelbon, that goes on Joe "I don't care about this game anymore" Girardi, WHO GAVE IT AWAY TO A DIVISIONAL OPPONENT. Leaving Joba in after he looked exactly like he did on Sunday... inexcusable.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

I don't blame Randy Winn for not being able to hit Papelbon's fastball. I surely couldn't, either. I'm just calling for his head because the only way Girardi will bench him is if he's got a disabling injury. And decapitation is surely disabling. Isn't that what Nick Johnson's got?

Joe De Pastry said...

Thames drops a pop fly in the top of the ninth + Winn strikes out in the bottom of the ninth + potential defensive replacement Golson gets sent down before the game = Cashman is an idiot.

So is Girardi for having Cervelli bunt with a guy on 2d and no outs. I hate that play. Earl Weaver wouldn't have given up an out to move a guy to 3d. [What good did it do?] That's why he's in the HoF and Girardi never will be.

We are now closer to 3d place than to 1st.

Joba makes me nauseous.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

Oh yeah, Joe, that was the most boneheaded move of the entire game. Take a guy who's hitting, like, .963 with RISP and have him deliberately make an out - with the "Murderer's D'oh!" of Miranda, Thames and Winn coming up behind him?! I wanted to rip Joe G's crewcut out by the roots.

JohnF said...

Wasn't that supposed to be the answer to everyone's prayers? Oh now he's not as effective as he was during a 7-week stretch in 2007, so we blame the fact that he was a starting pitcher last year? Supposedly that "ruined" him? Did everyone ever stop to think that maybe he wasn't as good as that one stretch 3 years ago? Lots of relieves have a hot streak where they look unhittable. Joba had his, and has been vastly overrated ever since.