Monday, May 10, 2010

OK, add Dallas Braden to the list of supervillans plotting to destroy us

Is Stan Lee writing the season?

No sooner does The Fantastic Core Four save the world, restoring justice and Jay-Z to the Canyon of Heroes, when our Avengers break up, and more terrifying foes gain superpowers.

The latest is Dallas Braden -- The A's-Rod -- who breathed secret gamma-technology steroidal anti-perspirant, when A-Rod stepped on his mound -- transforming himself into a rage-fueled Clemens beast. He rampaged through Tampa Bay yesterday, poising himself for the inevitable summer showdown above the streets of Gotham.

And don't forget tonight's confrontation: Johnny Demon vs his former team. Thrown out of the Yankees, he vowed revenge, feeding to the young acolyte Austin Jackson his superYankee strength plasma, creating A-JAX the Cashman Destroyer. Soon, Johnny will face the weakened Javier Vazquez, who loses all his superpowers whenever he stands within 100 feet of a DH.

Is Big Papi back to bathing in Boomer Scott fluid? Has AJ Burnett fallen in love with his Curveball, becoming mortal to marry her? Is our Captain (played by Robert Downey Jr.) hiding a secret injury from the Sports Illustrated cover attack? 

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