Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cause for alarm: John's Walkoff Warble was only 6.76 seconds

Once again, questions about Sterling will be swirling.

He is short-arming his Thuhs, which has led to speculation that he is calling hurt. 

He is long elongating his Thuhs, and he's going to be in trouble later in the year.

Listen to this, and you'll hear him gasp to put out a solid Thuh -- but he runs out of gas.

This is a dramatic, come-from-behind, walkoff home run at home against Papelbon and the Redsocks -- yet John falls shy of 7:00. He hit 8.02 seconds, his all-time longest warble, on a 15-inning Redsock walkoff. Should we be worried?


I'm Bill White said...

Maybe he is taking 2010 off. Next year's a contract year, but not this year.

Joe De Pastry said...

How enthusiastic can he or any of us get when we're STILL in second place?
I don't want to even hear about no stinking wildcard.