Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beckett must go on the DL

He's hurt! That's what Team Terry claimed last night! Injury! Tweak! Pain! Where was Joe West! Where was Joe Buck! Where was Joe Lieberman! Oh, I'm hurt! Take me out! I just pulled something! My medulla oblongatta! Bring in a replacement! Rules? Don't tell me about rules! Can't you see the pain in my eyes? Get me a stretcher! Where's the ambulance! Where's the Commissioner! Where's the justice! THEY PULLED THE TARP OFF THE BULLPEN MOUND TWO PITCHES BEFORE HE CAME OUT! HOW PHONY CAN YOU BE! THEY HAD TO BE LAUGHING IN THE DUGOUT! HOW GULLIBLE CAN AN UMPIRING CREW BE? DO THE RULES MEAN NOTHING? NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! MOCKERY OF THE GAME! HAVE THEY NO SHAME? THIS MUST NOT PASS! NAY UNTO ALL YEE WHO WOULD SUBMIT TO THIS INJUSTICE, FOR I SAY THERE SHALL BE A BETTER WAY UNTO THE TRUTH OF BASEBALL, AND WE SHALL NEVER SUBMIT TO DECEIT AS A FORM OF SPORTSMANSHIP, AND WE SHALL NEVER SUBMIT TO THIS MOCKERY OF THE GAME! DO YOU HEAR ME, WORLD? MOCKERY OF THE GAME!

This aint over. That's all I'm sayin.

This. Aint. Over.

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Joe De Pastry said...

But one of us might yell "HA" at a guy trying to catch a pop-up. Or slap a guy trying to tag us out.