Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ken Phelps Not Recovering

The 2010 acquisition of Ken Phelps for the cost of Austin Jackson, Phil Coke and about 20 others, is not recovering.

He did swing a whiffle ball bat at a nerf baseball mounted on a tee yesterday, but he struck out twice and fouled to first. I should note that he was batting lefty, so this is kind of understandable.

His major progress since pulling up lame has been walking to Chucky Cheese for a training meal.

Distracted by his .224 batting average, many Yankee fans still feel that Cashman made a great mid-Winter trade for this new center fielder. Personally, I think we got screwed.

Hopefully, Ken will be able to return to a minor league assignment by the all star break.

The Johnny Damon replacement, meanwhile, is driving a garbage truck in Florida.

Thank goodness for the Twins at home.


el duque said...

Having cured A-Rod with the negative juju, you're going after Granderson, eh?

Alphonso said...