Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is something wrong with John?

Yet another sub-5.00 Warble.

Worse: Listen to the creak in his voice. The only reason this warble reaches 4.97 is the long delay, as he catches his breath in anticipation of a sad, under-developed Thuh.

The Thuhs are just not coming. Something is wrong with the Thuhs.

Should we be worried about the Thuhs?


lenNY's Yankees said...

This is terrible! I'm seriously pissed off. Can you make him hold the Thuh longer?

Alphonso said...

Something is definitely wrong with John.

Maybe his partner in the booth is distracting him somehow.

Maybe he swallowed too much pool water.

John swims every day he can, and claims to always go the pool length at least one time during his workout, without taking his head from the water.

John claims this is true regardless of the size of pool. So, I'd like to host him at an olympic 50 meter pool and watch him demonstrate this level of conditioning for us.

Such work should certainly allow for more than the weak-breathed warbles we've been getting.

Geofredo said...

Maybe he has TB? Maybe lung cancer? Maybe he is suffering from clinical depressioin ...we really don't know. But I do know this - if push comes to shove and John's back is to the wall he will warble his way out. If he proved anything to us last year, its that he can come up with a clutch warble when he needs to.