Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

The injuries are mounting. Old guys, young guys, everyone.

It's like the Mets last year. Only they are a much younger team.

Can we fall that far?

Clearly, the troops we are calling up from the coal mines are not very talented.

If they can field, they can't hit. If they can hit, they can't field or run. If they can pitch, they can't find the strike zone. If they can throw strikes, they throw meatballs.

I mean, is anyone coming up to the Bronx named Austin Jackson?

Chad Moeller? I thought he was a librarian ( near his retirement package ) in Lincoln, Nebraska. Seriously, I thought he had been out of baseball for close to a decade.

How deep is this valley of emptiness?

Must we now be the first voice to question whether Mo is actually losing a step? Is this the end of the Yankees as we know them?

Joba looks as though he left his mojo on that highway in Nebraska when he was pulled over for DUI.

Do we need nine innings from our starters? What reliever does anyone feel good about coming into the game for the Yankees today?

We have rid ourselves of all talent (with heartbeats) in the Yankee minor league system trading for Nick Johnson (out forever), Ken Phellps and Javy.

So,despite Cashman's commitment to developing and keeping our own talent, the simple truth is: The Yankees Have No Prospects!!

I know we are all going to say," this, too, shall pass." But it may be an ill wind blowing. We have a "B" team playing, and they cannot win.

Tampa looks like they outclass us pretty much everywhere.

What's next?


Anonymous said...

We'll need the death of a celebrity or a severe injury to the pope to get back on track, that's it.

Mr. Hughes said...

It's the Tampa BAY calling the Yankees from "New" or the Packers the "Green."

Are you all just trying to be annoying or do you really not know the correct name of the team?

And, for now, anyway the Rays play in St Petersburg across the Tampa Bay from Tampa.

And I'm from New Mexico for pete's sake.

Joe De Pastry said...

Why don't you call them the Tampa Bay Rays of St. Petersburg?
And what does "pete's sake" have to do with it? Are you disrespectfully referring to the guy they named the city after? And since you claim to be from "New" Mexico, we need to see your papers, just to be sure, Mr. "Hughes."