Monday, May 17, 2010

Crap Bullpen

Black Dress.

Black dog.

Crap bullpen.


Anonymous said...

Good hitters!

adam said...

Some notes:

Vasquez won! Against Boston in relief. Coincidence? CURSE BROKEN??!!!?!!?!?

I don't remember perfectly because I was flipping the eff out screaming, but I think John said "Marcus Thames" (pronounced "tems") "helps the Yankees win!" Really? That was Randy Winn's new call. Whatever. That could've been excused, but he was so out of breath calling the play that his warble wasn't even that great. I expected a 9 second record breaker that left him dead at the mic; dunno if it topped 6.5.

Anonymous said...

BUck Foston says, Crap bullpen saved by JAVI!!!!! "DOUBLE YOU" "TEA" "EF"!!!!