Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pat Venditte still throwing from both arms, still Mr. Tampa

Yesterday's off-day/drinking day, scheduled to amplify our desperation, calls for updating the Yankee Seed Incubation Center, aka farm system. Not since that dude woke up in 28 Days Later to find the world dead and zombified has such an eye-opening visitation provoked stomach-clench terror. Jesus is being betrayed by his bat. Nobody is becoming a somebody. So we must eye the Yankee God of Dexterity, Pat Venditte, the famous switch pitcher, who may never see the candle light of Scranton's mines.

Yesterday, the AC-DC threw two innings in single A Tampa. No runs. No hits. One walk. One strikeout. His ERA is 2.31. This is his second season in Tampa. Last year, his ERA at Tampa was 2.21. Most prospects -- especially those from a dead and zombified system -- would get promoted. Not Venditte. He'll turn 25 next month. He's on track to reach NYC in 2027, moments ahead of the asteroid.

OK, truth: I have no clue whether Venditte can ever pitch in MLB. I am no scout. I must trust Yankee scouts. Apparently, they do not see Venditte as a super prospect. Otherwise, they would promote him. They must see a flaw. They must see something. I just see an ERA of 2.31.

But here's the fear: In their evaluations, are they comparing Venditte, the lefty, with all other lefties? -- and Venditte, the righty, with all the other righties? If so, he's toast. He must look hopeless. But... is that a fair appraisal? Nobody else on the planet throws professionally with both hands. You can't measure this guy with a radar gun. Way I seez it: There can be only one criteria for a guy like Pat Venditte: Results.

What more can he do in Tampa? Will he be cleaning the oil slick with both hands?

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