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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Hints From Dr. Alphonso....

The current scientific and medical technology is not working for Aaron's balky shoulder.

Hell, they don't even know it is his shoulder.

So I propose we use 2000 year old techniques;

Get out the coronavirus-free acupuncture kit and start sticking needles into him.

I had this treatment once...for a alcohol abuse.  They stuck needles in my ears, forehead and elbow.
I felt confident, assuming that my " doctor" would be an old Chinese guy ( or woman ).

Instead, it was a jewish girl from Long Island.  

 I thought the needles were kind of cool, but  then they made me buy herbs ( brew these into tea and soup ) which looked and tasted like horse excrement, sun-dried in an abandoned asparagus field.  

And they were  like $45 an ounce.  

(Yes, I did try using it in a bong).  I got a scratchy throat and had dreams of egg rolls. 

But western medicine is not working for our giant.  So let's look to the east.

Might as well try, right?