'98 Yanks bounce back, take Game Two over '51 Bombers

Torre's team rips Sain (and three of rain)
Pauly's grand slam leads 13-7 rout
Irabu bedazzles!
Series tied 1-1!
Next up: Allie Reynolds v. Dave Wells

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Plague Theater: Mickey Mantle vs Willie Mays on Home Run Derby


TheWinWarblist said...

Oh geez, not this again.

Anonymous said...

Better than nothing!

Anonymous said...


1952 World Series, Game 7: Yankees @ Dodgers

Doug K.

DickAllen1964 said...

So, the NYPost, my favorite crap newspaper had this today:

I’m feeling great,” Judge said. “We’re progressing really well. I feel like I might be ahead of schedule. I don’t know what the schedule is, but I feel like I’m kind of pushing their timeline as much as I can. We’re going to start ramping up things here, and hopefully I’m trying to get this CT scan done as soon as I can.”

What I want to know is how he can be ahead of schedule if he doesn’t know what the schedule is?

And if this happened last year, why is it healing nicely now and not then?

Maybe I shouldn’t expect athletes to have any kind of studious or sensible brains?

Anonymous said...


ranger_lp said...

Did Mick had someone bang a trash can for him?