Monday, March 30, 2020

Virtual Game 4: Monty Outfoxed in Tampa, Yanks Lose First. Stanton Missing.

The Yankees' first effort to develop a No. 4 starter for the 2020 season fell flat today, as the Tampa Bay Rays spoiled the return of Jordan Montgomery from Tommy John surgery.

The little-known Rays unleashed a blitzkrieg of base hits and stolen bases, running rings around Monty, and routing the Yanks by a final score of 14-2.  The big blow was a monstrous, grand-slam home run from rookie J.E.E. "Tank" Rommel, to the farthest part of the ballpark.  The ball was not retrieved, as no one was sitting there and none of the eight Tampa fans in attendance bothered to chase after it.

"We still have some work to do, but I was encouraged," said Montgomery, never a hard thrower, whose fastball topped out today at 45.  "Sure, I have a small ache in my shoulder, and my elbow is kinda sore, but just gimme a few minutes in the whirlpool."

Several reporters asked Manager Ma Boone if his team had not been distracted by the search for Giancarlo Stanton, who checked out of his Baltimore hotel last night, but did not make the team flight to Florida.

"Who's that now?" asked Boone, who looked befuddle.  "Oh, right, that guy.  Is he still on the roster? I mean, I'm sure he'd be ready to go, if we could find him."

Both Yankee runs were driven in by D.J. LeMahieu, on a hard roundball and a sacrifice fly.  He also made an outstanding play in the field.


Platoni said...

This game was pure #RISPFail. They'll get crushed in October (if they even make it to the PS)

TheWinWarblist said...

Good morning Hoss and all you. I still feel well. Physically anyway. I have a knot in my chest the size of a ... of a ... well, of a large uncomfortable knot one might get in their chest.

How are you and your family, Doug K.?

Anonymous said...


Third day in a row of no symptoms. Kaiser (Permanente) gave me an April 6th day of all clear. I'm going to wait a few days after that and still do the mask and glove thing when I finally go out to make sure I'm not infectious.

My son is a couple of days behind me and my daughter's symptoms have abated. The Ex is tired. To be fair she went from two people in the house to four. We all try to pull our weight but she ends up doing the most.

The hardest part so far is being cooped up (In a three bedroom house - so really I shouldn't be complaining) with each other. We can take walks but there a lot of tension that flairs up due to proximity and the overall tension from reading and watching the news.

But overall we are lucky.

Also, my 93 year old mom, who I visited and provisioned on my way back from Spain, is fine so far. We've passed the 14 day incubation period so my theory about getting this on the flight from JFK to SAC seems to be accurate.

Don't know if we've said thank you to you for putting your self on the front lines but... Thank you for putting your self on the front lines.

Doug K.

YankeeinUtah said...


I'm adding a, "very much", to Doug K's thank you.

Anonymous said...
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HoraceClarke66 said...

Great to hear, Doug K. And yes, thank you very much, Warbler. Stay well.

Unknown said...

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