Sunday, March 22, 2020

YES. No.


It's times like these, in our assorted confinements—and with the promise of that wonderful array of radio games ahead, thank you Mustang—that we realize just how truly wretched the YES Network is at fulfilling our Yankee entertainment needs.

Tonight, for those of you willing and able to shell out the required lucre for this station, YES is running, back-to-back, three of its best Yankees Classics:  The Bucky Dent Game, Game Six of the 1978 World Series (not per se a great game, but great in that it clinched the World Series for our buckos, and then Game 7 of the ALCS.  Tape 'em and weep.

Today, there was a pretty good back-to-back showing of a half-hour on David Cone's perfect game, and then Cone, Wells, and Don Larsen, sitting around together, talking about what it was like to pitch a perfect game.

I doubt if that's ever happened before in the history of the sport.  And I KNOW it's never happened before with a guy who pitched a perfect game in the World Series.

Much too much of YES, though, is taken up by what can politely be called "filler":

A show on running.  Running.  

A show on money in sports.  Oh, joy.

CenterStage.  "The Best of Michael Kay."  Can you imagine being the poor bastard assigned to pick those out?  Probably it's one of the JuJu gods, which accounts for their bad mood.

Even shows that should be good, such as the Yankee Biographies, and the history of the team, are generally poor, just badly done all around.  The history of the team is so well planned out that it devotes one hour to the years, 2014-2017, and one hour to "Origins, 1903-1956."

Origins?  That's like putting on a show about the history of the world that goes, "Part I: The Big Bang Through the Fall of the Soviet Union.  Part II: Madonna."

Even the "Classics" are many too few and far between, and never seem to extend before 1976.  I'm sure there are copyright reasons for this, but now that we're all under house arrest, especially, the Steinbrenner boys should open up the vault and spend a few ducats on spending more for the rights of other games.

Instead, our "Classics" are getting diluted with episodes like "Farewell to the Boss," the game and ceremony played to honor Mad George.  Excuse me while I retch.  There is only one Boss, and his last name is Springsteen.

Or:  a fun game or two from last year where the team came from behind for a nice win.  Terrific—and what are we, the fucking Mets?  C'mon!  We want the big ones!  And going as far back as there is film, dammit!

Instead, YES is now running—I'm not making this up—shows such as "Nets Classics" and "NYCFC Classics."

There is no such thing as the former if it does not include Dr. J. (and hey, I wouldn't mind seeing some highlights from the old ABA with those enormous 'fros and the red-white-and-blue ball).

And the latter is an oxymoron.  Selected by morons, I am sure.  ("Tonight:  a scoreless tie to remember!")

We need more baseball.  Now.  Maybe, say The Master and Suzyn presenting one of their all-time favorites!

Sign the damned emergency war bill already that will force YES to play genuine Yankees classics!


Anonymous said...

At least you can GET what there is of the YES Network, Hoss; it's only available to me during the live games - - no replays, no other programming, Yankees or not - - because I don't live in one of the three states which MLB has designated - - in their all-encompassing wisdom - - as the home territory of the Yanks. I have to pay roughly $35 per month for the six months the season usually consumes, just for those live games - - period.

In their incredible generosity, MLB has bequeathed to me all things Tigers - - whether I want it or not - - for free with my DTV subscription. I do not want this programming, but I will have to admit, imho, the Tigers have done a better job covering their team for many more hours per day, than the YES people have.

Thanks again, Hal, and Sinclair Broadcasting, and fuck the lot of ya'. LB (No J)

HoraceClarke66 said...

Sorry, LB sans J. That does suck. I wonder if this long hiatus will break up the MLB monopoly at least a little.

ranger_lp said...

ESPN is worse...they were showing Wrestlemania 30 yesterday...

I guess there is no more Cornhole or Axe Throwing. BTW, does an axe thrower visualize their partner as the target?

Alphonso said...

I keep watching re-runs of some games hoping that they will have different outcomes.

What day is it?

Alphonso said...

And think what our international friends are getting.

Are you still alive in Austria, Holland and the great barrier reef?

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