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Friday, March 6, 2020

Yesterday Was Awful !

Cole got lit up like a rookie from A ball.

Montgomery pitched like he did the day before he had TJ surgery.

Everyone else looked like they were at the movies.

And can we stop with the "first base " experiment for Andujar?

( I Know, this shot is from playing third), but he dropped a throw on his glove from Gio yesterday.

He is a left fielder damn it.
And they need to play him there every day.

How stupid are they?

 If you are going to mess him up, let him pitch for Christ sake!

We have two good first baseman and an excellent one ( playing second ).  We don't need a fourth, particularly when we don't have enough outfielders.

Andujar can ( and will ) become a great outfielder, but the Yankees have to let him play there.

Whose idiotic decision was it to have him waste time at first base.?  That is like letting Mike Pence be in charge of our health care.  Close your eyes and pray, brother.

The Yankees cannot afford to be stupid.

They have too many injuries for that.

I want someone fired !


TheWinWarblist said...

May the firing please start with Pence??

Platoni said...

Now, how the hell does Judge have a broken rib - SINCE LAST FALL!!! - and none of the myriad of tests showed it until today?

Parson Tom said...

Chief Dr Lucky might have fixed Judge. Or he could be fired. I don't care. My lover left.

smurfy said...

Maybe he never complained, and focused on the nearby shoulder. I for one am greatly relieved: we'll have our star!