Game Six Rain Delay... '51 Yanks lead '98 Yanks 3-2 in Greatest All Time Yankee Team series

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Allie Reynolds v. Andy Pettitte
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World War III!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Plague Theater: Dragnet 1967. Episode: The LSD Story


Wezil1 said...

Wow. That didnt take long. Once the Mick and Willie Home Run Derby was finished this blog just went all Lighthouse. And it’s only the first day of self-quarantine!

Anonymous said...

Somebody never left mommy's basement.

Anonymous said...

Wezil, it sounds as though YOU never left mommys base-girl-t either ! ! !.

HoraceClarke66 said...

"You're mighty high and far out, aren't you?"

JM said...

Best Dragnet episode ever.

T.M. Leary said...

Bad trips and a chance of chromosome damage!

Anonymous said...

Ray Murray in the lab must have been the inspiration for Ted Olson in the Naked Gun movies.

They've never proven the chromosome damage on me.

...and the flashbacks? I got ripped off. I paid for them, but never got them. Was supposed to be the extra bonus.