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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Yanks Experimented Today

As we all know, due to the Virus, the Yankees have closed their locker room to all non essential people ( this would never have been acceptable to A-rod ).

All pro teams are doing this.

But the Yankees did something for the fans least it appeared so.

The last six batters were randomly selected guys, between 18-28, who were wearing Yankee hats at the game.

They gave them each a uniform and an "at bat. " As expected, everyone struck out.

But it was a cool thing to do.  No one else has ever had a fan promotion quite like this.

I asked Aaron about this experiment in public relations after the game, and he ( predictably ) denied it.

"The liabilities are far too great...what if someone got hit ?  ( I asked for clarification;  " got hit" or " got a hit?").

We shall probably never know the truth...but I saw what I saw.


Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

can someone delete that previous comment?

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Nice article -- which NYYs are out of options, and which guys can still spend all or part of 2020 in the minors without passing thru waivers --

Note: I'm not employed by that site (or anybody else!) -

JM said...

The scientific method is a recent Yankees tradition. Sevvy, for instance. You keep sending him out there and sending him out again, until you fully understand why his ERA is ballooning to a quazillion. Only then can you determine he needs to be on the IL.

This informs your decisions regarding Sanchez, Judge, Hicks and Stanton. None of them can play with even a hangnail or their ERAs will balloon to a quazillion. The fact that none of them are pitchers is an irrelevant detail.

Science marches on.