Wednesday, March 11, 2020

What Will MLB Do ???

We are now seeing organizations make sensible decisions, with the public's safety the first priority.

Ivy League schools have cancelled all spring sports, and classes will only occur online.

SXSW has cancelled or postponed its music festival........ the biggest marketing event in Austin , Texas all year.

Schools are closing.

The NCAA has announced that the mens and women's tournaments will be played without fans.....only essential personnel.

Huge, annual music events in Arizona have been postponed ( Cochella, Stagecoach ).

St. Patrick's day parades are cancelled all over the country.

Major international soccer matches  are being played in front of no one.

Even MGM Resorts is eliminating their buffet tables.

History has shown that isolation and separation of people has made a huge difference in minimizing health risk ( see Spanish Flu...St. Louis actions vs. Philadelphia actions )


I watch the spring training games on TV ( from Florida ),  and the crowds remain huge.

Opening day is 3 weeks off.

They are all sell-outs.

The baseball owners are the most greedy, uncaring people on earth.  So far, they have restricted reporters from the locker rooms.

To maximize profits, will they risk the entire nation?

Has anyone said anything?

Will hand sanitizers on bobble head dolls be their solution?

The silence is terrifying.


Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Opening Day should go on. All the old farts who are at risk can watch it on TV, and put their seats on StubHub for healthy young bucks such as myself.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

The commissioner and owners are silent because they are all behind closed doors very carefully deliberating Boston's fate vis a vis the cheating scandal.


HoraceClarke66 said...

I think we should DEMAND that all baseball games be postponed, period...until all of the leading Yankees are healed and ready to play.

It's the only decent thing to do!

ranger_lp said...

NBA just suspended season as Rudy Gobert of Utah tested positive for the coronavirus...sad...

You have to think MLB is going to follow suit somehow...

HoraceClarke66 said...

When are Paxton and Judge supposed to be back? Was it June? Sounds good to me...

TheWinWarblist said...

June. That sounds right to me too.

Anon said...

Uh . . . . it's the flu

Anonymous said...

Only one more greedy is the WWE Vince McMahon. There is no way he'll cancel Wrestlemania in two weeks, but it looks like Tampa Bay will do it for him. I'm surprised my red neck yokels in Utica are still planning on having their St. Patrick parade. I'll bet anything they'll cancel it tomorrow. Maybe we can have a half season of baseball, start in June/July when things should settle down.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Doubleheaders every day!!

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

The government has made things rather clear-cut for us: all events in venues holding more than 100 people are closed. Period.

They stuttered on this for a while: one suggestion was that cinemas could stay open as long as they sold no more than 95 reserved tickets and people were seated with empty seats on both of their sides and in font and in back of them; another plan was to perform an opera in a 1.000-seat house (the smallest – and best – of our three opera houses) for a small invited audience and Livestream the show for free online. Suggestions poured in before they decided: The hell with it! Close everything! Things are set to reopen on 02 April.

I am particularly pissed as I had planned to travel to München to hear a close friend give his first performance as Amfortas in Wagner’s five-and-a-quarter opera “Parsifal” at the Bayerisch Staatsoper on Easter Sunday, and I even, by chance, landed a ticket in the centre of the front row. But leave it to the fucking Krauts (especially the Bavarians) to screw us all, and their performances are suspended till 19 April – one day after the last of the three scheduled performances of “Parsifal.” I get my ticket fee back, but the travel expenses are not reimbursable. Same with a trip to Bratislava last week which also got shut down.

At least through my constant presence at home, I am gaining trust with Sam, the latest in the line of feline companions I’ve hosted for the past 45 years.

Actually, maybe the Austrian cinema rule might work well for the Yankees: it would give the impression that the stadium is filled much more than it actually is, if the rule is enforced.

I am also looking forward to getting back in touch with you, my good gentlemen (still no broads, huh?). I tend to not comment off-season, so I truly hope that games will be played, even if in empty stadiums. I can join in and share your horror, grief, disbelief, sorrowful screams, and (in absentia) drunken rants.

And if any of your are interested, both the Berliner Philharmoniker (Simon Rattle conducting) and "Carmen" from the Berliner Staatsoper will be given in empty auditoriums tonight and streamed online for free (starting time 19:00 CET) as a last hurrah before remaining closed through 19 April. The Philharmoniker will repeat the program (Berio and Bartók) on Friday and Saturday (

JM said...

I love that idea, Hoss. And all of them start at 1 pm.

JM said...

Austrian Fan, I'm really sad that it seems my wife and I won't be able to visit her family in Salzburg and Trier. We're booked to fly over in late May, and I don't want to cancel quite yet, but it's not looking so good.

This whole situation is just crazy.

TheWinWarblist said...

I just want to say to Anon who posted above, that, no, it's not the flu. The case fatality rate for [CFR] influenza is 0.01%. The CFR for COVID-19 is @2%. It is two hundred times more lethal. It is far more contagious. There is no effective anti-viral thrapy unlike influenza where we do have effective treatment. And none of us, NONE OF US ARE VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19!! IT'S NOT THE FUCKING FLU!! UNLESS YOU MEAN IT'S LIKE THE SPANISH FLU OF 1918/1919!! BECAUSE THAT FLU KILLED MORE THAN 10 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE!! MORE THAN A MILLION IN THE USA ALONE!!!



Anonymous said...


Thank you!

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Dear Austria,

I'm sorry, our president says we are not even allowed to talk to you, lest you spread your cooties over the interwebs! Unless you go to England.

(Scotland, no word on whether you count, too.)

Soon we will be reduced to eating Yankee Stadium rat dogs—and loving it!

Seriously, here is hoping all will be well with all of us.

Anon said...

Time will tell. Lets hope I'm right.

Alphonso said...

Thank Giod we can all still play golf at the Trump resorts in the UK !

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