Thursday, March 12, 2020

So Now What?

Our president has banned all travel from Europe to the US. 

What, exactly, is Europe?

Do we at IIHIIF have to ban comments from Europe?

Our president exempted his golf resorts in the UK, but we have no participants from these locations in our data base.

On tv, will we be subjected to Astros game re-runs from last season?  To learn lessons about honesty and fair play?

With Duke withdrawing from the now fan-less NCAA basketball tournament, will others soon follow?

If all withdrawn but Robert Morris, will RM win the trophy by default?

The NHL and NBA have shut down.  And Broadway just went dark.

So, why is Netflix down 18 points today?

Germany and Japan ( and other intelligent countries ) all have "drive-up" test facilities for the coronavirus, whereas we can't get a good hamburger anymore.

How does one like without baseball?


smurfy said...

It's a greedsdy plot by YES. You'll have to watch Golden Moments and like it, grainy or not.

During the Great Hiatus, Cash comes on YES for an interview, and sez: "With good business sense steering our judgment, we saw that the coming draft pools were going to be depleted, and talent would come sky high. Therefore, we quaranteened our bonus babies on a remote tropical island, built out as a baseball training facility. At the vaccinated all-clear signal, we will conquer!"

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

I assume you heard/saw the news report:

Beginning of 2020 season to be delayed

Major League Baseball has announced that Opening Day will be delayed by at least two weeks due to coronavirus. In addition, Spring Training games have been cancelled, and 2020 WBC Qualifier games have been postponed indefinitely.

I still have some (best behaviour) Roger Clemens games on VHS, sent to me as a gift and show of respect by an American colleague (a die-hard Red Sox fan, we had to agree to not ever discuss any aspect of baseball involving one or both teams, under any circumstances; he was born that way). I wonder how much I can get for them on E-Bay... Can't play them on my circa 2000 "code free" VHS player, as it is now obsolete and my entire Heimkino is digital.

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

Europe is… a hell of a nice place to live or even just visit (just don't smile at people or wear sweatpants or overtip or leave a tip on a table). Great food, people, music (especially in Austria, where Mozart is on the €1 coin), history; lousy on sports except for skiing and football (baseball unheard of; no German, Italian, French, or Belgian word for it; impossible to try and explain the entire concept). Very high standard of living. Vienna deemed the world’s most “liveable” city for second year in a row. As of 01 November 2019 Austria is no longer "Europe's ashtray." Vienna’s 6. Bezirk (6th District, from whence Austria's Only Baseball Fan issues comments) remains on the list of the 15 trendiest neighbourhoods in the EU.


Sewing seeds of diplomacy and respect with Europe can only assure the future of baseball.

Verstehen Sie das? Alles klar? Alles in Ordnung? Alice in Wonderland?

Scottish Yankee fan said...

I am no longer an actual EU citizen despite 62% of Scots voting to stay in the European Union our delightful xenophobic friends from England (who outnumber us 10-1 in our so called union) decided they wanted to leave so we were dragged out against our wishes

I would however still like to stay and stay here and comment

TheWinWarblist said...

Please stay, our Europan brethren. Please stay.

Fuck you COVID-19.

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