Monday, March 30, 2020

Hope, Diamond

A hundred bucks for an obstructed seat
Cold in the shadow, then blistering heat
The pushy stat-head who needs a shower
Nine inning games that last six hours
Fans in my row with tiny bladders
The $30 million .240 batter
Ear-blistering rock soundtrack
Fourteen dollar Cracker Jacks
Security lines that go on for days
Video reviews, endless delays
Wasted bankers on company plastic
Knucklehead experts so bombastic
Lazy players, greedy owners
Chatterboxes, needy loners
Pina colada spilled down my back--

Goddamnit, I want baseball back!


el duque said...


Anonymous said...

Based on a true story.

And exceedingly well done.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Terrific, Ike! Just marvelous!

Stang said...

Really excellent

13bit said...

Who the hell is this dumb-arsed wanking bastard who keeps impersonating me, he must be the worlds biggest fucking moron.

JM said...

Nice job, Ike! That's art right there.

I'm so confused by the Bit/Not-Bit thing. Where's Ignatz? I always looked for him to find Bit's comments.

The world has gone crazy.

Unknown said...

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