Thursday, March 26, 2020

Plague Theater: Watch Utica Club's "Schultz & Dooley" impersonate the stars of Hollywood

Fun fact: Alphonso once worked as a marketer for Utica Club.

(Inspired by JM)


Publius said...

Love the shamrock on Dooley. Cutting edge market research. "Who drinks beer? Krauts and Micks, of course!"

Humphrey Bogart said...

"In 1985 Pauline Hickeys tits were - THE STUFF THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF"

David O. Selznick said...

Clark Gable: "Scarlett, Scarlett, you know i love you Scarlett, i always will"

Vivien Leigh: "Oh Fiddle-dee-dee, if thats true Rhett why were you upstairs having your willy squashed and squeezed between the quite astonishing 17 year-old Pauline Hickeys tits"

Clark Gable: "Because as much as i love you Scarlett your tits are not in the same league as hers"

Publius (posing as John Marley) said...

Well let me tell you something my Kraut-Mick friend, Johnny Fontaine never gets that picture, it`ll make him a big star, that bastard took the truly incredible 17 year-old Pauline Hickey away from me and it made me look ludicrous, and a geezer like me cannot afford to be made to look ludicrous. And i dont care what dego, gumba, spik, wop, greaseballs come out of the woodwork, now you get the hell outta here. BTW, if i find a horses head in my bed tonight i`ll sodomize it (as long as it was a mare of course ! ! !).

Michael Rennie (The Keeper) said...

The Robot: "Before lifting off i will need time to study the controls, they look very complex"

Zachary Smith: "You`re always making things difficult, this one must be the wonder what that think we better leave the spaceship post-haste"

The Robot: "You have inadvertently released all the creatures in the keepers girl-agerie, they will be exiting the spaceship very soon...but dont worry Zachary...there is a silver lining, one of the keepers obsessions was collecting all the 17 year-old Pauline Hickey look-a-likes he could find on every planet he ever visited and they will be exiting the spaceship soon as well, and they`ll all be completely naked...COR...WOW...WEY-HEY...! ! !"

Zachary Smith: "Oh how glorious, once the creatures have dispersed you will then help me to grab as girl-y Pauline Hickeys as possible when they emerge, you will then stand guard over them while i take one at a time and spend an hour tit-fucking each one senseless until i unload literally half-a-pint of spunk all over those mind-blowingingly unbelievable tits"

The Robot: "Understood Zachary, its just that while i`m standing guard i will be wracked with rage, bitterness, jealously, resent-girl-t and frustration because i would very much like to tit-fuck them all as well, however being a robot i only have a one-inch-willy (including a laughably small steel helmet) and there-fore would not be able to function sexually"

Zachary Smith: "Ha Ha...all the more for sad, pathetic, desperate, one-inch-willied, tin plated fool"

JM said...

What the hell happened here? Jeebus H. Christmas.

Suzyn's Bitch said...

What's happened here JM is that the site has been invaded by one of the greatest comic geniuses of all-time. We should feel honoured by his presence here, just enjoy the laughs that he'll provide.

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