Friday, April 2, 2021

The ghost - or bastard son - of Bill Veeck is back.


From a friend, YIKES... BANANA BALL!


HoraceClarke66 said...

Sure, why not?

The way MLB has been systematically destroying the game, we might as well do this.

Or go to my proposal last year for "Home Team Choice." The home team gets to choose any type of baseball played through the years. Deadball, the Philadelphia game, the Massachusetts game, etc.

Or just go to the old Massachusetts game: no foul territory, you have to strike players with the (rubber) ball to get them out.

Really, anything or everything. Since MLB will soon feature 7-inning games, ads on uniforms and bases and in team names, and other features such as the extra-inning abomination...who really gives a damn anymore?

Get out ahead of it all, euthanize the old game while we still have some good memories of it. America, WTF.

Anonymous said...

I like it. But to be fair, I liked BASEketball. I also attended the first arena football game in LA. The USFL team too.

As to the rule changes...

I'm sure the British were unhappy when the rugby players started throwing forward passes.And the soccer players were pissed when the rugby players picked the ball up and started running with it.

My favorite rule is if a fan catches a foul ball it's an out. IF MLB had that rule the Cubs would have won years ago.

Plus, do you fulfill the lifelong fan dream of getting a ball or do you take one for the team? Would a team pay ringers to bring gloves? Would the fans shift from the 3B side to the 1B side depending on who is up?

I'd go see it.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Doug K., that's an interesting point. Bartman did NOT catch that ball, right? Would have funny if he had.

Also, you could have fans for the other team battling you for the ball. Yankees-Red Sox games would become full-fledged brawls.

But really, why even keep the old team names? Why not just invent new ones? Or...have the fans VOTE on what the team name will be every time out???

Anonymous said...


I forgot he didn't catch it. That said, as you know, just picking a famous example.

Yankees / Sox: Yes! Epic battles.

Go with friends. Two big guys set blocks in the aisles. A little guy for diving. A seven footer with a ten foot reach. Brutal body checks on opposing fans!. You tube highlights... "Fan saves game in the 9th by throwing toddler to knock down and catch foul ball." Love it.

But to my actual point...

It's not baseball. It's a derivative. So it's not about changing the rules of the game. It's about creating a new game that has similar aspects. That's why I mentioned Soccer/Rugby/American Football. All three sports still exist in essentially their original form even as they have roots in each other.

I like Australian Rules Football as well. Went to a game in Melbourne. One of my top five live sporting event experiences. The ball is kind of the same shape but the game has little to do with ours or soccer. It is its own thing.

The question for any derivative is... is it entertaining enough to prosper?

We played stickball as kids. There's no running or throwing (aside from pitching). Hits are "automatics" It's a great game. Doesn't take away from baseball at all and, if it were more entertaining like 3 on 3 basketball, another playground game, there could be a league.

Actually, there's another game that still exists despite some Americans screwing with it big time, it's called cricket and those impatient Americans reduced the length of the game from its proper three days down to a quick 3 1/2 hours. The blighters!

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Sure. And John Thorne, the eminent baseball historian whose work I love thinks that we should have gone with the Massachusetts Game instead of what was originally the New York Game—and which became modern baseball.

I think maybe he's just trying to be provocative.

But I'm not kidding. I would rather have us dump the grand old game altogether—what I consider the greatest game ever invented—than have it continue to deteriorate through stupid strategies, that are then "fixed" with idiotic new rules.

I realize that baseball has always changed, which is one of its strengths. But it seems to me that we are now at maybe its most boring incarnation ever. And mechanical "fixes" such as starting innings with a runner on second, will only make it worse.

Bring on Banana Ball!