Friday, April 2, 2021

I Forgot To Mention

In rushing to outline yesterday's "mess" of an opening game, I neglected to mention the first play of the season for Gleybar Torres, our shortstop.  

It was a fairly routine grounder to his back-hand side that rumbled into left field, instead of his glove.  Bend those knees Gleybar.  Catch the ball, plant and pivot, then throw an arrow to first.  Tyler Wade can show you how. 

And failing to charge that grounder late in the game?

So we have settled for a short stop with no speed, no range and a poor glove.  But he can hit homers, right?

And he is throwing to a guy who turns routine plays into errors.  And won't hit .220.

I guess the plan is to drop out of the AL East race early.

When the two reclamation projects blow up on us, we'll get to see how clever Brian really is. 

This is a bad start disguised as a close game and a tough loss. 

Really bad. 


HoraceClarke66 said...

CAN he hit home runs, Alphonso? Last year he had all of 3, while making three times that many errors (and missing 30 percent of the season, such as it was).

Oh, I know, I know. Weird Covid Year (WCY), and he looked good in the postseason. But like every other can't-miss prospect we have, he seems every year to shed skills and pick up injuries.

It's starting to look all the worse that Brain didn't re-sign Didi. We would at least have a decent glove—and another left-handed bat—at short, The Gleyber could have moved back to second, and we could have put The General on first when Voit went down.

Well, you can't anticipate devastating injuries. Except, on this team you always can.

Anonymous said...

@Hoss Yeah, this is why I would've resigned Sir Didi. It actually works out really well with another lefty bat. If we could somehow get rid of Stanton, then Voit could be the DH and DJ LeMahieu would play 1st, Torres plays 2nd. Aaron Hicks would be the 7th or 8th hitter.

Getting Didi was an excellent pickup by the stupid Brain; let's give him credit for once. Whenever he makes a good move, however, he screws it up by undoing it later. This is a prime example.

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