Friday, October 24, 2008

Can Bush Beat Truman with Worst Approval Rating of All-time?


George Bush stands at twenty five,
Approval points, that is.
Lowest in his last eight years,
But the record is… not his!

He’s still two points above the worst,
That Harry Truman scored,
If Bush can knock three off his line,
He’ll win THE WORST award.

But beating Harry Truman,
Means he has some things to do,
He’s got to somehow shave three points,
Get down to twenty-two.

He needs one last fiasco,
One last meltdown! One last crime,
To be the worst in history!
Worst leader of all-time.

Could he unhinge the markets?
Maybe spend too much, too hard?
Or maybe give a hickey
To a secret service guard!

He maybe could act spiteful,
Kick some orphan out the door,
Or utter and obscenity
While crapping on the floor.

He might expose his privates,
Get drunk publicly and puke,
Or just be seen with Cheney,
In a bar fight in Dubuque.

He could cross dress in public,
Throw feces at his aides,
He’d drop his score quite firmly,
If he gropes one of the maids.

He could ignore the deficit.
No, wait... already did.
He could endorse some market,
Which would bring about its skid.

He could become an atheist
And say that God is dead.
He could run off with Britney Spears,
They both could shave their head.

He could become a killer,
Like that TV Dexter guy,
Tape mirrors to his loafers,
Women’s panties he can spy.

Or call folks during dinner,
Just to sell them magazines,
Kill puppies with his bare hands.
Sell crack to high school teens.

Just two points is all he needs,
To carve his place in time,
To come this close and miss it?
That would be his final crime.

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Anonymous said...

I know how he could shave an easy 15% off. The question is does Monika Lewinsky have a brother?