Monday, October 6, 2008

Giambi's Mustache Nominated for the Oscar of Facial Hair

No Canyon of Heros this year, but the Yankee march to Baatan for post-season awards has begun.

The American Mustache Institute -- ("Protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against, mustached Americans...") has nominated the Giambino along with a foliated upper-lip gallery of celebs and other former athletes for the first-ever Robert Goulet Mustache of the Year award.

Practically every shag-face in Hollywood -- excepting (cheap shot alert:) Rosie O'Donnell -- is up for this award, named for the legendary voice whose final performance at Syracuse's Landmark Theater is memorialized at the nearby Clark's Ale House on an autographed bar stool that has literally been fart-blasted to a shine. But that's another story.

Some of Giambi's competition: Libertarian Prez candidate and former Clinton impeacher creature Bob Barr, (upper right) Goose Gossage, Jace the Face, former Redskins receiver Art Monk (below) and Just For Men pitchman and former Met Keith Hernandez (below, performing Hamlet using ball as skull of Yorick.)
Considering that the award is sponsored by Just For Men, Hernandez might have an inside shot.

Go Jace.

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