Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joba the Hiccup

Well, the bloom has gone from the Joba rose to the Joba nose.

At a strip club, no less. After losing his cool to a Redsock fan's taunting.

Joba must take after A-Rod more than we thought.

Well, this is clear: We either wake up and move forward, or we're entering the deepest Yank recession in history.

This could make the '80s look like the '50s.

Already, the Redsocks are spouting about signing Mark Teixeira. HEY, HANK, HAS ANYBODY IN TAMPA HEARD THIS? THE REDSOCKS ARE TALKING ABOUT SIGNING TEIXEIRA!

Let's face it, with the cash he's going to want, we can't outbid Boston. Sure, we can double his salary, but what's the difference? In the Obama tax rate, it'll all be the same anyway. He'll either like what he sees in an organization, or he'll go somewhere else.

Right now, if you were a free agent looking at the Yankees, would you like what you see?

A rotation with two Sidney Ponsons, one from the past and one from the future.

An outfield with four corners, and no center.

An old team that plays like rookies, facing young teams that play like veterans -- and Tampa Bay might easily be the best in baseball for the next two years.

Can we compete in the AL East without Teixiera?

Maybe. But not if the Redsocks get him. If that happens, my friends, we might as well go out drinking with Joba.

Yep. Order some shots. Cut our losses, get stinking drunk and hope to sober up by 2010. Because without that free agent pick up at first base -- which allows us to deal for pitching -- we're a third place team again.

This is bad.

This is really bad. And food catered by the Dallas Cowboys will NOT be easily digested.

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Anonymous said...

Methinks we might as well bite the bullet right now, and commit to drinking shots until 2010. Actually, I think it is going to take longer than that.

We can't seem to draft anyone that is any good.

So, unless the 2010 target is to pick off all the young studs from Tampa, as they become available, another year or two of development in our minor league system is going to be less effective than waiting another year or two for each of us to get younger.

I think the Yankees don't recover to prominence until the economy does.