Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hoity-Toity Lit Playoffs Review: A Dickensian Post-Season Awaits Us

Yeahp. We're seeing the ghosts of Yankees past, present and future.

The Past: The Dodgers, with St. Joseph and former archangel Manny, reminding us how we once rejoiced for young players, bursting with innocence, as they served to fuel the rebirth of brutish cast-offs.

The Present: The Redsocks, our current masters, who spook us with their unceasing torrent of emerging stars, something we've failed to build in our Bleak House. Pedroia might be MVP, and Jon Lester, the 2009 Cy Young. Wanna get depressed? Try this: They could win three or four in a row.

Future: The Tampons, whom we hope to begin raiding within the next 12 months -- actually, as soon as next May, when they start drawing 8,000 per game. They'll start looking to trade stars like Bobby Cratchet.

Then there are the Phillies. Hm-mm. Aside from trading us Bobby Abreu for new gallows blade, and apparently being the better for it, no connection.
Great expectations? None, for now. It is the worst of times, it is the worst of times.

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