Friday, October 10, 2008

Out of the playoffs, at least we don't have to listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver moralize about how corrupt we are

Last night, they bravely ginned-up a full half-inning to the bashing of Manny Ramirez, which is like condemning measles. A perfect tag team of stories everybody's heard 50 times, told with the choreography of an infomercial.

And then, Tim, Manny pushed the traveling secretary, Jack McCormick, after
he couldn't supply him with 16 tickets.

He pushed him to the ground, Joe. He knocked him down.

And, Tim, Jack McCormick is 64 years old. Sixty-four years

Joe, did I hear that right? Sixty-four years old?


Well, call our number now, and you can tell Manny Ramirez...

Blahblahblah. They sound like Rush Limbaugh attacking Obama. Nothing new? Just run the same story over again.

OK, before going further, yep: Manny Ramirez is a dolt.

And water is wet.

OK, truth in content: We hope Manny beats the Redsocks, and obviously, we love Joe Torre... but when BucCarver bring out their hatchets, every Yank fan flashes back to the slobbering, gleeful hardons they unzip for the Redsocks every October, coupled with their venomous, unabashed hatred for the Yanks.

If we're playing, it's all about salaries. It's how we've ruined everything.

To them, we're Manny Ramirez. Always were.

In their world view, somebody should do something about the Yanks.

It's perfect that they work for Fox. They do their job as well as Sean Hannity does his.

Find a song and play it every five minutes.

Find a mule and beat it incessantly.

Nothing to talk about? Get the enemies list.

Sixty-four years old... Joe, can you believe that?

Sixty-four? I wouldn't believe it, but you know what
they say, Tim. They say, That's Manny being Manny...

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Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Manny that Joe Buck is giving out free tickets to the playoffs for the players.