Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Humberto's Bloggin'... and getting truly wise comments from the fanbase

Sir, we welcome you to the wild and wacky, wonderful world of blogging.

Your life is about to change!

Soon, your every fleeting thought will become fodder for an important new post.

Soon, you won't want to leave your keyboard, for fear of missing the chance to add something to the world's discussion about -- oh, say -- cream-dried beef on toast.
And most importantly, soon... you'll cherish the daily opportunity to interact with that wild and wacky, wonderful world of blog commenters. (Watch out for that Anonymous guy!)
Then again, you have already figured this out, based on these excerpts from comments already left on your fine page. (PS. Folks... this guy could turn out to be the actual Yankee blogger we've been waiting for. Fingers crossed.)
... and I am currently in my last year of Law School, intending to become an agent. I am wondering if you can please take the time to advice me on how to approach players and most importantly if you can have your agent give me an opportunity...

... Brutal dude. That was a serious bad outing. I know you were pissed off because I was one of the 3 Yankee fans who were standing in right field and asked for your autograph. You growled no I am in a bad mood or something to that effect. Hey, I understand your feelings but, we weren't the ones out there throwing the ball.

... my mom was ur teacher back in 166
she told me about u and also mr. knapp
write back to my email if u want more info
i dont want to post everything here

WTF? Humberto... let's hope the Redsock Nation doesn't catch wind of this Mr. Knapp mystery.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, Humberto, you had the tightest little chocolate ass out of all the boys in your class!

Who could forget 'Knapp Time?'

Keep in touch (hee-hee)

Signed Mr. Lester Knapp
Middle School Gym Teacher

Anonymous said...

Celebrity blog?!

Im outa here.