Friday, October 3, 2008


"The pair ate at an alcove-like table in the back."


Anonymous said...

With those frosted tips Im just happy its a girl.

Anonymous said...

This is no biggie , Duque, I' eaten there also.

They make a nice guacamole at your table, and you can determine how hot you want it to be.

The rest of the menu is over-priced and mediocre. It is also far too noisy.

Decent margueritas and San gria. But Madonna, I think, is not a consumer of bad things anymore.

He can't hit in the clutch now and he won't hit in the clutch next year either.

So I like the Madonna diversion.

Since her Kabballa and all.

We only have to wrorry about her impact on Arod for 12 more seasons, anyway, so what is the big deal?

Anonymous said...

What bothers me, Alph, is the phrase "alcove-like table."

I've never seen an alcove-like table.

Anonymous said...

"I've never seen an alcove-like table."

*not actual photo of Arod and Madona