Saturday, October 25, 2008

The New York Yankees of Anaheim?

In today's Times, the most painful evidence yet that the Golden Parachute-level gasbag suits of the New York Yankees are inalterably corrupt, incompetent and unworthy of their fans.

Yesterday, team President Randy Levine told his fellow oil cans -- the ones who happen to be in Congress -- that without tax-free financing for the stadium, the Yanks would have left New York.

“It’s been no secret for many years” that the team would move if it could not save tens of millions of dollars on financing with tax-free bonds, Levine told the House subcommittee on domestic policy. He added: “There was no shortage of suitors. We see ourselves as a paradigm in professional sports.”

A paradigm in professional sports?


A paradigm in self-righteous, greedy, nepotistic entitlement.

Don't these clowns think they owe anything to the fans who supported the Yanks for 80 years? Apparently not.

It's their team, their stadium, their tradition.

If they want to get naked with the Dallas Cowboys, that's their perogative. Hell, they can boink al Qaeda if they want. Who are the fans to question their dealings? (Especially since the owner -- bless him -- is obviously not delving deeply into contracts, or news stories, these days.)

If they want to double ticket prices in a stadium built by taxpayers, that's their perogative. Hell, they could keep all the tickets if they want, letting in only their friends and family. They're doing us a favor, letting us root for their team.

If they want to move the team, that's their perogative. Home town fans? We could move, too.

The New Yonkers Yankees!

The New York Yankees of Winston-Salem!

The Connecticut Yankees!

You know, there are times when you wonder if the people at the top of our major institutions -- (consider the Yankees in this category metaphorically) -- have a clue about the responsibilties and traditions they are supposed to honor. Or are they simply the best players in a Darwinistic struggle for internal power that, once won, means they no longer have to care?

Somehow, Randy Levine climbed to the top of the shitpile.

Why would he care about us?

The (Your Town's Name Here) Yankees!


Anonymous said...

Duque, why do you hate America? You rail against one of the tenets of Capitalism. Go back to your atoll of authoritarianism, real Americans live on this isle of individualism! I for one kinda like the sound of the "Connecticut Yankees"!

Anonymous said...

Connecticut? You're dreaming. Randy Levine would like to welcome you to opening day of the Newark Yankees.

Anonymous said...

You must be joking.
There's nothing Randy wants more than "The New York Yankees of Beijing".

Anonymous said...

What if they jumped to the National League and settled into NJ?

I'd vote for a Hillary/Palin ticket before I'd spend a dollar to see the North Caldwell Yankees

Anonymous said...

I hate thems fucking cocksucking blood drinking Republicans!

Go Pats !

I'm off to watch mediocrity and eat 17 sausage. Thank god for lite beer...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I ask myself how much i'd have to hate the Yankee organization to start hating the Yankees. I don't know if there's an answer. I go through life confusing my friends who support other teams, who for some reason expect me to attempt to defend the indefensible schmucks who sign the checks just because I root for the team on the field.

I also don't know if the Yankee organization could inspire much more contempt in me than it already does, so maybe the answer is it can't happen.

And maybe that's the problem...there must be more idiots out there like myself, and so the slime who run the Yankees know they have nothing to lose because we'll just keep coming back for more. One day maybe I'll learn, but until it April yet?

Anonymous said...


You're an idiot.